Bernd Breuckmann Award

Outstanding ideas deserve first-class technology, encouragement and support


In 1986, Dr. Bernd Breuckmann launched the market introduction of white light scanning technology for high-precision three-dimensional object digitisation – a brilliant brainchild which has since evolved into cutting edge technological accomplishments and state-of-the-art products in the world of 3D metrology. The area of arts and cultural heritage has been and still is close to Bernd Breuckmann’s heart. He supported and personally accompanied numerous scanning projects and also played an instrumental role in establishing AICON Scanners as a market leader in this specialised field of 3D scanning technology. 

BreuckmannAward_SpecialPrice2013 We are convinced that outstanding ideas are not only worthy of first-class technology, but equally so deserve encouragement and support. This is why we have the pleasure to present the Bernd Breuckmann Award to acknowledge and support the best 3D Scanning Research Idea of a non-profit scanning project in the field of arts and cultural heritage.

Let us know how an AICON Scanner can help you realise your 3D scanning project in the field of arts and cultural heritage. Please send us a brief description of your project idea as well as indicating how an AICON Scanner would support you in your research work and provide answers to your research questions; alternatively, develop a pilot study as preparation of a comprehensive research proposal at a later stage.

Breuckmann Award 2013_GroupPicture The Bernd Breuckmann Award

The winner will receive a cash prize to the amount of € 1.000 to support his/her research work and related travelling expenses, an AICON Scanner on loan (loan period approx. 4 weeks) to help execute the proposed scanning project plus free of charge training on how to work with the 3D scanner at the AICON Scanner Innovation Center in Meersburg at Lake Constance, Germany. 

All information related to your project will be treated with the appropriate confidentiality. The copyright of all ideas as well as all data generated with the use of the AICON Scanner will remain the property of the award recipient. Upon completion, the project will be presented and published in the form of a case study on our website. 
AICON 3D Systems GmbH reserves the right not to award any prize. In the event that more than one prize worthy proposals have been selected, AICON 3D Systems GmbH also reserves the right to award more than one prize, or to split the prize.

BreuckmannAward_Winner_2014Participation is open to all applicants submitting a non-commercial project proposal in the area of arts and cultural heritage, i.e. archaeology, arts, history, paleontology and any related disciplines. In particular young generation scientists are encouraged to participate in this award invitation.

The next Breuckmann Award will be announced in spring 2018. To receive all important information, please subscribe to our newsletter. Just send an email with the subject "Subscribe" at

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