New Feature in BendingStudio

Measure tube geometries with formed endings without adapters

22 November 2017

Great work simplification for users: The new version 4 of the software platform AICON BendingStudio allows for the measurement of end formings without applying any special adapter.

The new function is integrated into the module ASSEMBLY: In an additional measurement step, the outline of the formed tube ending is captured. After that, the exact end positon of the tube can be measured. The end forming must be rotation symmetric. The user defines the end forming as a component in the inspection plan once. During the measurement, the tube and the end forming are separately captured and finally, the results are automatically linked. A complete measuring process, without further effort for the operator.

The new feature saves time and costs since no mounting of adapters is required. Operation is very user-friendly, and the results are highly accurate, regardless of the operator.


It takes several steps from a drawing to an actual part, each one requiring different types of data. BendingStudio links all data and processes around production of bended...

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