New Case Study: IOT Technology Meets HI-Precision

The Japanese company Zeno Tech relies on the AICON PrimeScan

28 February 2018
Zeno Tech Japan_Case Study_Pod for Web

Zeno Tech is a specialist in powder metallurgy dies, precision cold forging dies and precision tools. Their in-house integrated production system, including various machining, heat treatment and finishing processes, enables the company making high-precision dies with high accuracy. The company’s demanding customers are acting mainly in the automotive, consumer electronics or agriculture machinery industries. Zeno Tech is also well-known for their complex shaped highprecision, as for example in various parts of oil pumps, pulleys, clutches and transmissions.

Already living Industry 4.0, Zeno’s work stations are connected by a network so that real-time information on area including order situation and work progress can be accessed at any time. This allows speedy responses to customer requests. And because Zeno’s dies are based on the true essence of “monozukuri”, they supply the dies to their customers with confidence. The IOT technology put in place across the entire group allows them to achieve the same Japanese quality even in overseas plants. But in order to supply high-quality dies Zeno also includes various types of high precision measuring instruments in their quality assurance process.

Read the whole case study here.

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