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Measures 10 Tubes in 85 Seconds

From a sketch right through to the finished product, from a single source – that’s the business idea of the Swedish Proton Engineering company. The company is a one-stop supplier of tube and sheet metal structures: Air/fuel lines, struts and covers for lorries. The main aim is always to provide customers with the best possible quality. This means that reliable quality control at all stages of the production process is absolutely vital. Proton Engineering has been using AICON’s TubeInspect P16 tube and wire measuring system since the autumn of 2015.


Fully Automated In-Line Measurement

Vehicles are expected to meet ever higher efficiency standards without sacrificing safety and driving dynamics. Despite weight and cost optimization, suspension systems must be safe even after traveling thousands of kilometers. One of the tasks of BENTELER JIT Düsseldorf GmbH is to ensure these needs are met successfully. The company checks the camber angle between shock absorber and brake disc with AICON's optical 3D coordinate measuring machine MoveInspect HR. It is a fully automated in-line measurement solution!


Tube measuring at Daimler: TubeInspect in the automotive industry

Brake and fuel lines for the E and S Class from Mercedes-Benz are manufactured in the tube production plant in Sindelfingen, Germany. The lines, made from aluminum or steel, have diameters ranging from roughly 4 mm to 15 mm. Supplied in fixed sizes, ready-cut tubes are first provided with fittings on an automatic tube end processing machine, swaged if necessary, and then formed on bending machines. Despite their different makes and years of manufacture, the tube bending machines all have one thing in common: their quality check takes place on the AICON tube measuring machine TubeInspect.


Vehicles under Challenging Climatic Conditions

Doors, fenders, bumpers, spoilers - car body components must fit precisely and withstand any environmental conditions. Special characteristics such as deformation or expansion must therefore be measured during the development phase of new materials or components. How do materials change at high temperatures, high humidity, or extreme cold? A climate chamber provides answers by artificially replicating real-life climatic conditions to enable measurements. EDAG Engineering GmbH is using AICON's DPA coordinate measurement system to carry out deformation analyses on vehicle prototypes and components.


The Fast and High-Precision Approach to Modern Automotive Design

Even in these modern times of high-technology and automated production, there are some areas in which machines do not have a role to play: a new automobile, for instance, first takes shape using a pen, paper and clay. When creating a hand-shaped design model made of a special modelling clay, in particular the visible and thus design relevant free form areas play an important role. A car´s sporty or elegant appearance, for instance, is defined through individual ‘tornado lines’ or roof lines, tailgates or mud guards – result is the unmistakable and distinctive shape of a new automobile whose surface, thanks to using a SmartScan-HE for the first-time measurement, complies with every single quality requirement.


Pioneer in Wire Technology

Can wire be measured using a tube measuring system? This was the question hanging in the air in 2007 when Kokinetics GmbH was considering the procurement of an optical tube measuring system as an alternative to their conventional gaging checks.  The question was quickly answered with a clear “Yes”.  Kokinetics purchased a TubeInspect S optical measuring system and since spring 2008 the system has proven successfully in the routine testing of bent wires, making Kokinetics a pioneer in wire bending industry.


Vehicle safety from A to Z

The production of automobiles can no longer be imagined without using special struts for optimum stabilization of vehicles. In order for these metal sheet components to seamlessly integrate into the vehicle body, changes in shape as well as position and size deviations are verified with the help of three-dimensional scan data.


"Mansory Edition"

Distinguished bodywork design combined with a stylish interior and enhanced engine performance at the highest level: this is the quality commitment mission of the famed German automobile tuning company Mansory. 


Prototype Design in 3D for Customized Sports Cars

TechArt Automobildesign GmbH is a successful German car design company, specialized in the design development and manufacturing of individually customized cars. The broad creative design spectrum, which is based on Porsche sport cars, stretches from the complete vehicle body to the interior fittings all the way to customized engine tuning. The prototypes of the car body parts are handmade using glass fiber; for the subsequent serial production, the high resolution digitization technology of an AICON StereoScan is called into action.



How can you integrate optical measurement technology into everyday work? What are the advantages of optical measuring systems? You get the answers in our case studies. 

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