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Find out how our optical measuring systems are used in General Manufacturing processes


3D Scan Data for any Object Size and Shape

From designer sockets to small-sized plastic parts all the way up to car body panels or individually designed vehicle shapes: the application areas for reverse engineering present an exciting and versatile field for precise three-dimensional digitisation. 


Precisely Measured Pipes for the Whole World

Piping lengths up to 24 meters with outside diameter up to 2 meters – components with such enormous size belong to the core business of Bilfinger Piping Technologies GmbH in Dortmund, Germany. The great challenge: the tubes must comply with maximum requirements in thermally highly stressed modern power stations and plants all over the world. Therefore, exact dimensional accuracy is indispensable. This is inspected now with MoveInspect from AICON.


Deformation Analysis with MoveInspect DPA

Climatic tests are carried out for the evaluation of environmental influences on new production materials. In order to determine 3D deformations arising during the tests, the mobile 3D industrial measurement system DPA is the ideal tool. The results of a large number of measuring points are available within minutes, and graphical output options make the interpretation of deformations much easier.


Industrial Measurement with MoveInspect DPA

Deutsche Bahn's vehicle maintenance is conducted at 15 sites assigned to different product areas. The plant in Bremen, which belongs to the product area of diesel multiple units, is among others responsible for restoring the bogies and wheel sets of the vehicles.


TubeInspect used for Prototyping

A specialist in the area of tube manufacturing – EMW from Türkenfeld, a small town close to Munich, uses this title with good reason. The medium-sized company has successfully developed from a classical metalwork shop to a modern, creative tube manufacturer. Since summer 2006, EMW has applied AICON's optical tube measuring system TubeInspect S for measuring sample tubes and setting-up the bending machines. Since then, EMW has not only considerably saved time in Reverse Engineering but also significantly decreased the costs of materials. In addition, there is another quality of the system that makes it unique for Karl Eberl, owner of EMW: The measuring results of TubeInspect are completely independent from the user so that they are reliable and repeatable.


Reverse Engineering „Down to the Teeth“

Precise sprocket teeth for the best possible conversion of muscle power into motion speed: a perfectly produced gear cassette thanks to reverse engineering really gets two-wheel products rolling! From the different sized sprockets of a gear cassette all the way up to their accurate three-dimensional models is only a short, but even more so, a very precise measuring process: regardless of size or shape of the original, the true-to-detail data capture of any complex object geometries and free-form areas is accomplished in a matter of a few seconds. 


3D Scanning Meets 3D Metal Printing

3D metal printing is a rapidly expanding manufacturing technology with unique strengths that open up more possibilities for flexible product development, enhanced performance, and shorter lead times. The big challenge: Relatively high costs combined with extra support structure. There is widespread lack of knowledge among potential customers on how to use this innovative technology to realize its potential. 


Reverse Engineering with the AICON SmartScan Series

The term ”reverse engineering” describes the process of fully digital construction elements being extracted from an already existing product; or in other words, the generation of the digital three-dimensional data of a real object. In the course of many years in the business, AICON 3D Systems has established long-standing, profound experience and know-how in the field of three-dimensional optical data acquisition for reverse engineering processes, not only with regard to the development of system solutions, but also in connection with current applications.


3D Quality Control of Plastic Parts

The Wirthwein AG, a well-known German manufacturer of plastic components for the automotive, railway, electronics and home appliances industries as well as for medical science products, employs an AICON  StereoScan in order to process the recorded 3D data of their components for evaluations with respect to geometry, shape and position tolerances and CAD comparisons.


How can you integrate optical measurement technology into everyday work? What are the advantages of optical measuring systems? You get the answers in our case studies. 

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