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Volume Optimized Cutting and Polishing of Uncut "Rough" Gemstones

Cutting and polishing gemstones – a craft involving profound knowledge and a long standing tradition of turning precious raw material into unique pieces of jewelry. Using a modern three-dimensional scanning technology now allows for a much improved utilization of the raw gemstone to become the perfectly cut and polished precious stone. 


The New Life of an Old Radiator Mascot

Ford, Rolls Royce, Daimler and Benz – only a small selection of the illustrious names of the early beginnings of automotive manufacturing. Nowadays, car enthusiasts all over the world lovingly maintain and restore the few remaining classic cars, some of which are over 100 years old. Preserving the roadworthiness of these valuable antique cars however comes with a catch: Over the past years, it has become increasingly difficult to meet the demand for original fully functional spare parts.


How can you integrate optical measurement technology into everyday work? What are the advantages of optical measuring systems? You get the answers in our case studies. 

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