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IOT Technology Meets HI-Precision

Zeno Tech lays like a jewel in a nice and peaceful part of Okayama district in the southeast of Japan. Established in June 1974 as the mold department of Xeno Tool Co., Ltd., the company was later separated, becoming independent in 1991, and now specialises in powder metallurgy dies, precision cold forging dies and precision tools. 


3D Quality Inspection of Crankcases for Four-Stroke Engines

Highly complex engine crankcases containing components rotating up to 10.000 revolutions per minute (rpm): This is where precision down to the millimeter is required! Weber Motor GmbH in Markdorf (Germany) is a member of the Weber Group and for more than 40 years has been a competent and reliable partner for their global customers for the development and production of engine components, engine systems, complete engines as well as fibre reinforced composite components. 


3D Quality Inspection of Gear Transmission Casings for Commercial Vehicles

The company ZF Friedrichshafen AG is a leading manufacturer of gear transmissions in the field of commercial vehicles, developing and producing technologies worldwide for drive-line and chassis technology. The complex gear transmission casings for commercial vehicles are made of aluminum using the method of pressure die-casting. 


Optical Quality Control in Precision Casting

Quality control as a metrological challenge: The quality of precision casting products down to the minute micrometer can only be accomplished through the components’ third dimension. A leading manufacturer in the metal processing industry, in its 300 years of corporate history the company Zollern has developed and perfected a broad spectrum of metal treatment and processing techniques in which high standard requirements with regard to integral quality inspections have always played a significant role: Thanks to the high precision three-dimensional scan data generated by the AICON StereoScan molds wax templates and finished cast parts are inspected with the necessary efficiency and accuracy.


How can you integrate optical measurement technology into everyday work? What are the advantages of optical measuring systems? You get the answers in our case studies. 

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